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The Airmails of New Zealand

The Inland Flights - An Aerophilatelic History.

Volume 1, 2nd Edition.  Compiled by James Stapleton, edited by Robin Startup & David Smitham. Thoroughly revised, updates the 1st (1955) edition, and now comprises 156 profusely illustrated pages.

Postpaid within New Zealand $60
Overseas $60 plus postage - please enquire for rate



The John Bertrand ™ New Zealand Coin & Banknote Catalogue 2020 

It is bigger and better than ever, with a wholly revised and renumbered section on checks, discounts and special purpose tokens and significant pricing updates.

Prices postpaid:
New Zealand $27.95
Australia $29.00
Rest of World $39.00


  • Kiwi Catalogue & Handbook of New Zealand Revenue & Railway Stamps

Edited by David Smitham.

At almost double the size of the previous edition, the 7th edition includes newly reported discoveries. The prices and listings have been thoroughly overhauled, and new illustrations are included in this 98 page A5 format catalogue.

The revenue stamps section includes additional information and is aimed at explaining how and why these stamps were used. This is contained in 9 appendices: rates of duties applicable; early (pre-1867) cancels; an updated listing of SPECIMEN & fake revenue denominations; listing of impressed revenues; QVLT & Coat of Arms ultra-high value denomination listings; small numbers of stamps printed; numbers and dates of printings of overprinted revenue stamps; and Beer Duty scarcity ratings.

The railway stamps section includes a new perfins section and additional information contained in two appendices: railway parcel rates as well as an alphabetical, and also a numerical listing of railway station cancels.

Prices postpaid:
New Zealand $35
Australia $40
Rest of World $50

  •  The complete guide to 1880 Queen Victoria Longtype Postal Fiscals

By Andrew Spence

By far the most diverse set of stamps produced in New Zealand, 14 different printings were made over a 51 year history, with different papers, watermarks and perforations visible between each printing.  

This is a detailed reference source, updating significantly from the first edition and picking up on specialised study, the most recent information on printings and new discoveries made.

Price $60
(postpaid to New Zealand)

  • Cachets Applied to Interrupted New Zealand Airmail
    Aeroplane trip Cancelled Air Service Interrupted

By Peace & Gwynn

This book covers the cachets used to indicate that the mail service was cancelled or interrupted and the airlines, aircraft and airports involved.

Price $35   

  • Collecting New Zealand Stamps

By Robyn Gwynn

An excellent guide to th many possibilities within the field of collecting New Zealand stamps.

Price $20   

  • The New Zealand Airmail Catalogue
    3rd Edition

By James Stapleton

Price $35   

  • New Zealand and the Universal Postal Union to 1907

By Colin Capill

                                                                     Price $40   

  • Frances Hodgkins in Kapiti
    The Field Collection

Price $25

  • The Image Maker
    The Art of James Berry

By J R Tye

Price $30   

  • New Zealand Overseas Airmail Postage Rates

By Robin Startup

Price $60   

  • Sell More Stamps
    Applying psychology to philatelic dealing

By Robert Gregory

Price $20   

  • Edwardian Wellington

By William Main

Price $40   

  • Just To Let You Know I’m Still Alive
    Postcards from New Zealanders during the First World War

By Glenn Reddiex

Price $39.95   

  • The 1893 New Zealand Advertisement Stamps
    An illustrated guide to the identification of advertisements featured on New Zealand Second Sideface Stamps.

By J A Robb

Price $45  

  • The Postal History and Postage Stamps of the Tokelau/Union Islands

By A H Burgess

Price $99   

  • A Beginner’s Guide To Coin Collecting

By James Mackay

Price $30  

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Stamp Collecting

By Neill Granger

Price $30  

  • All the Stamps of New Zealand

By Laurie Franks

Price $15  

  • New Zealand Stamps 1954-1958, The Middle Values

By A L Neeson

Price $15