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We are the specialists

For over 50 years, Mowbray Collectables has sold stamps, coins, banknotes and medals. We are New Zealand's premier auction house for these items. Now we are selling Sports Memorabilia. We regularly achieve record sales.

We have the contacts

Our international mailing list and high profile auctions ensure we reach buyers all over the world so you get the best price.

We get you the value

Our expert assessors know how to present your material to attract buyers. We describe, grade and set reserves to get the best sale. We sell at auction or directly (whichever is best for your collection), and this means you receive the market price.

We look after your collection

Your collection is professionally handled and insured against risks at all times.

We are respected

We offer integrity and seek good value for everyone we deal with. John Mowbray has been in business for almost 60 years and celebrates 50 years in Otaki in 2024. He is a past president of the International Federation of Stamp Dealers’ Associations, the only Australasian to have held this honour.

Our staff together have over 200 years of experience. They belong to all the important world stamp and coin associations, such as the NZSDA, PTS (London), APTA (Australia), ASDA (USA), and NZNDA. Our Managing Director, David Galt, is a Fellow of the RNSNZ and New Zealand representative on the Board of the Numismatic Association of Australia.

Ways you can sell through us

We sell in many ways and the best one for you depends on what you are selling. We provide a no-obligation assessment of your collection and then suggest the best options for you. 

  • International Auctions

We hold these twice a year for coins, banknotes and medals and for stamps. We attract buyers from all around the world and online, and a large proportion of each auction is sold overseas to our international clientele.  Bidders anywhere can bid online, real-time, with computers or mobiles, as well as bidding directly through us.

  • Private placements or direct sales

We know the collecting community. Sometimes we can identify the one person interested in your unusual item. Because our expert staff know the value of your item, we work to get you a fair price. Direct sales are also an option for items that do not sell at auction.

  • Purchase by Mowbray Collectables

Not every collection is suitable for auction or private placement. If so, we will offer to purchase your items ourselves. This is normally only offered on lower valued items.

How we work for you

  • The quick assessment

After a no-obligation look at your collection, we will discuss your options. You need to bring or send the material to us. You can contact us and discuss this first.

  • The full assessment

We prepare a full assessment of your material then give you an estimate of its worth. If you agree to proceed, we will lot it for auction and set the estimate and reserve prices.  To have time to do this, we need material 12 weeks before each auction.

  • After the sale

Payment is made approximately 8 weeks after the sale. We allow this time so that any queries can be dealt with including allowing time for international buyers to review their purchases and settle with us.

Main selling terms

Auctions world best for high value and unusual items.

The normal reserve is 70% of our estimate.

You pay for our services through a 15% commission on the realised price, and insurance charge of 1% of the estimate, and a $10 unsold lot fee.  (GST applies to there charges, for NZ vendors only)

How do I get my material to you?

If you live in the lower North Island, naturally it is best for us if you can bring them in. We are conveniently located on the Main Highway, Otaki and it is easy to park right outside our door. Under certain circumstances we can come to you to collect your material.

We can travel for very large collections and we have staff members in Kapiti, Wellington, Christchurch and Timaru.

If you are outside these areas you can send the collection, by one of the following methods:

  • NZ Post tracked parcel or via courier.   Please request signature required delivery and retain the tracking details.
  • Our address for courier delivery is: Mowbrays, 247-253 Main Highway, Otaki 5512.

Overseas clients please post, or contact us for advice about bulky consignments.

Please phone us first to confirm insurance details.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us on 06 364 8270 or email or click here to use our online contact form.