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Who are we?

Mowbray Collectables is the largest stamp and coin auction house in New Zealand, holding several public auctions stamps and coins/banknotes/medals each year.  We have company has held 27 stamp auctions and 16 coin auctions, and has an established international client base of thousands of buyers worldwide. 

 Why sell by auction?

Simply because this can be the easiest way to realise the best price for your stamps and coins, whether a lifetime collection, a few better items or deceased estate. It is only logical that with our international mailing list, we can easily reach collectors all over the world - about half of what we sell every auction is sent overseas. Many thousands of buyers in New Zealand and overseas have learnt to trust our descriptions and estimates as to the value of what we sell.  Every lot sold by Mowbray Collectables is guaranteed to match the description and be genuine as described.

How do I present my collection?

Simply bring or send your stamps or coins to us (we would appreciate a phonecall for an appointment but this is not essential). We will quickly assess your collection, obligation and cost-free, to determine if it is worth offering at auction - this is not a valuation, only a preliminary examination.  It is best left to us to determine if the collection should be broken down into several/many lots or is best offered intact.

How do I know I can trust you?

The name of John Mowbray is your guarantee. We have been dealing for 50 years, with thousands of satisfied vendors.  We belong to all the world's most prestigious stamp trade associations, ie. NZSDA, PTS (London), APTA (Australia), ASDA (USA); as well as John Mowbray being a member of many of the world's major collecting societies.

What is your fee?

We charge a commission of 15% of the realised price. There is also an insurance charge of 1% of estimate on all lots offered, and an unsold lot fee of $10. Whilst in our possession all stamps are fully insured. All charged are subject to Goods & Services Tax of 15%.  See Terms for Vendors.

Does the whole process take long?

It takes time prepare a catalogue and describe the lots. We need the stamps a minimum of 12 weeks before the auction date. See the Terms for the last date for acceptance of material.  The sooner we have the consignment, the more time we have to research and check any unusual items. Catalogues are sent to thousands of bidders world wide four weeks before auction date as well as being posted on the internet.  Payment to vendors is made six weeks after sale date.  This process may be delayed where the purchaser queries a lot, or has yet to settle with us. With about half of our sales going to overseas purchasers, we must allow for invoicing, receiving payment, despatching lots and handling any queries. If there is any delay we will advise you promptly.

What if my stamps/coins don't sell?

We sell most of the material in each sale. If some of your stamps don't sell we normally offer them a Direct Sale, and if still not sold, the next available sale at a reduced estimate. It is quite rare for anything to remain unsold a second time. If you want your unsold material returned, we will post it back to you at our expense.

Do I need to set reserves?

No, with our experience, we feel is is best left to us to determine a fair selling price for your items. Every lot is automatically reserved at 70% of the published estimate.

How do I get my material to you?

If you live in the lower North Island, naturally it is best for us if you can bring them in. We are conveniently located on the Main Highway, Otaki and it is easy to park right outside our door. Under certain circumstances we can come to you to collect your material.

If you are out of Wellington...we make regular visits to major cities and towns to assess suitable collections.  Contact us for a visit.

If you are outside these areas you can send the collection, by one of the following methods:

  • NZ Post tracked parcel or via courier.   Please request signature required delivery and retain the tracking details.
  • Our address for courier delivery is: John Mowbray, 247-253 Main Highway, Otaki 5512.

Overseas clients please post, or contact us for advice about bulky consignments.

Please phone us first to confirm insurance details.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us on 06 364 8270 or email