Abbreviations & Lot Types Used

* MUH (mint, not hinged)
/ mint & used
ACS Auckland City Stamps (NZ) catalogue
b/s backstamp
C cover/entire/postcard
cds circular date stamps
CP Campbell Paterson Ltd (NZ) catalogue
CTO cancelled to order
FDC first day cover
FU fine used (light pmk) (refers to postmark)
VFU very fine used (refers to postmark)
GU good used (refers to postmark)
H/H heavy hinged
h/s handstamp
M mint, previously hinged
MNG unused with no gum
m/s miniature sheet; or manuscript postmark
o/c off centre
OG original gum
P proof/reprint
p/c postcard
pmk postmark
PPC picture postcard
PU postally used
r/s rubber stamp
SG Stanley Gibbons (UK) catalogue
s/l straight line
 U Used