Conditions of Sale

  1. We shall accept bids offered by mail, e-mail, telephone, fax, or via our website.
  2. The highest bidder shall be the purchaser (subject to reserve, which is normally 65-80% of estimate). If two bids are received for identical amounts on any lot, the first bid received shall be awarded the lot. Should a dispute arise as to the highest bidder, it shall be settled by the auctioneer, who may re-offer the lot.
  3. Bids shall advance in the following increments:
    Up to $100 - $1 increments
    Over $100 - 10% increments, or at auctioneer's discretion.
    Bids shall be accepted only in these advances, odd amounts if offered will be reduced to the nearest acceptable increments.
  4. Bids will be used to their maximum value only as competitive bids require. Where two or more identical lots are listed, the we reserve the right to transfer a bid from one lot to another if this is in the bidder's interests.
  5. We reserve the right to refuse any bid.
  6. "Buy" Bids will not be accepted (in the event of two such bids on a single lot, an impossible situation would exist). 
  7. The Auctioneer will accept alternative bids for one of several lots if the bidder's intention is made clear.
  8. We reserve the right to sell more than one lot where multiple lots, identical the the description, are available.  This shall not apply to an illustrated lot.
  9. By placing bids in the auction, the bidder is entering into a binding contract to purchase all lots he is awarded.
  10. Maximum purchase value may be nominated by bidders. This figure must be noted in the bid form - when the limit has been reached all further bids will be cancelled.
  11. Payment: Bidders will receive an invoice after the auction. Payment should be forwarded within 7 days of receipt of invoice, and may be made as follows: by credit card as detailed on the bid sheet; or: within NZ - personal or bank cheque, cash if sent by registered mail; Australia - personal or bank cheque; USA - personal or bank cheque/cash to NZ$ equivalent in US currency; Canada - bank cheque or draft/cash to NZ$ equivalent in Canadian Currency; GB - personal or bank cheque/cash to NZ$ equivalent in stg; rest of world - bankdraft in NZ$ or US$.
  12. Buyers from outside New Zealand undertake that neither they or an associated person will cause the purchased goods to be re-imported into New Zealand in substantially the same condition in which they were exported. Therefore GST will not be charged on their purchases.
  13. Delivery shall be made to bidders upon receipt of payment. Postage and packing is at purchaser's expense and unless otherwise requested, dispatches will be mailed: Inland (NZ) by ordinary mail; overseas by airmail; all dispatches valued over $10,000 by registered mail.
  14. Lots are listed on a simplified basis, unless otherwise stated.
  15. Guarantee: Each lot is guaranteed to be genuine and as described. Descriptions of condition are opinion, and the Auctioneer recognises that opinions vary and that errors occur. Should purchasers suspect that a lot is not as described, they should notify us within 7 days of receipt. A replacement, refund or credit will be arranged.
    1. Lots stated to be collections/accumulations, or containing more than 12 stamps, if described as having faults/condition varies.
    2. Items which were illustrated in the catalogueue are not returnable for matters of centering, postmarks, perf defects (ie. visible faults).
    3. Lots which a buyer has inspected prior to the auction.
    4. Stamps which have been immersed in water, or subjected to any chemical process subsequent to the sale. If ncecessary the opinion of a mutually acceptable authority shall be sought, and such opinion shall be final.
  16. Viewing lots: lots may be viewed by appointment at the offices of J R Mowbray (Philatelist) in Otaki. Alternatively arrangements may be made for single items to be photocopied or scanned (within reason).
  17. Placing a bid in this Auction shall constitute acceptance of the foregoing conditions.
  18. Note: Bids under 2/3 of estimate are usually unsuccessful.