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Friday 13th October 2017

Commencing at 1pm

West Plaza Hotel, Wakefield Street, Wellington, New Zealand

Auction 18 - Friday, 13 October 2017

At the premises of Mowbray Collectables (Main Highway, Otaki) by appointment;
West Plaza Hotel, Wellington: Thursday 12th October 10am to 6pm, and Friday 13th October prior to auction, from 8am.

For any enquiries regarding lot descriptions etc, contact our office, +64 6 364 8270 or email

For those not attending the auction, bids can be placed by mail, phone, fax, e-mail or via our website.  Such bids should be received in our office no later than 8am NZ time (GMT + 13) Friday 13th October (at your risk if not received by auctioneer in time). Telephone bidding may be made during the course of the auction; by prior arrangement only.

All Buyers Please Note: no GST will be added to the hammer price of lots.  However, a Buyers Premium of 17% (plus 15% GST on buyers premium for NZ buyers) will be added to the hammer price of each lot.

Exchange rates (approximateNZ Dollar equals UK 56p, USA 74c, Australia 92c, Canada 89c, Euro 74c, Japan ¥80, Hong Kong $5.77, Singapore 99c.   Click here for an online currency converter.

Credit card payments will incur a surcharge of 2% for Visa/Mastercard, and 3% for American Express/Diners.

Vendor bids are not accepted.

Welcome to Mowbray Collectables 18th International Numismatic auction and our second for 2017, with 552 lots totalling $328,605 in estimates.

World coins feature large collections, some extensively described in multiple albums. Unusual opportunities include collections from Portugal and the Azores, horse themed coins and the nineteenth century, early and unusual Maria Theresia Thalers, higher grade Fiji decimal and always popular accumulations.

Another unusual opportunity is Judaean coins from a biblical collection, including from famous historical figures such as Herod the Great, Herod Archelaus who reigned at the time of Jesus birth, Pontius Pilate, Festus who sent St Paul to Rome after his appeal to Caesar and coins from Jewish rebellions. A Tyre shekel is of the type paid to Judas Iscariot as part of his ”30 pieces of silver”.

Ancient coins total 45, including British Celtic gold staters from the Iceni and Dumnocoveros Tigirseno.  [Photo of Lot 200, Dumnocoveros Tigirseno stater] Some lots are very affordable with bronze and silver from Greece and Rome.  High quality gold features Hadrian and Nero aurei [Photo of Hadrian aureus Lot 155], an Alexander the Great stater [Photo of lot 150] and others from Carthage, Kyrenaica (Cyrene) and Thrace, where Brutus, Caesar’s assassin, held sway after Caesar’s death. 

Modern gold offers a great range of New Zealand gold including the sought after 2004 Pukaki Ten Dollar coin and scarce Aslan gold coin, Australian and British gold and an interesting range of World gold. US gold is especially strong, from an EF 1851 $1 to Liberty Head double eagles and modern $50 coins. Rarities include a large Proof Egyptian 500 piastres of 1932 [ Lot 119 Morocco 500 piastres] and a Moroccan 500 dirhams of 1954 in UNC.

Thirty New Zealand token lots include an attractive New Zealand pattern penny in EF [Lot 314], scarcer tokens such as an Edward Reece Half penny [Lot  323] and 18 Communion token lots, including rare tokens such as St John’s Wellington [Lot 329] , Otahuhu and Chalmers Church.

New Zealand coins offer a Waitangi Crown, higher grade predecimals including 1936 florins and important error coins, such as a penny on a sixpence blank, the Solomon Islands Mule $5 of 2000, and a full 50 cent reverse brockage [Lot 255].

Interesting commemorative medals include a large 57mm, 4.08 oz gold medal for the death of Sir Winston Churchill by Edward Jones and a small Israeli gold group for events such as the Bar Mitzvah.  Many New Zealand commemoratives are included in larger lots.  The military medals include New Zealand Wars medals [Lot 396], and British Baltic, Egypt, India, King’s and Queen’s South Africa and India medals, while militaria features a rare SS Emden 200 pfennig canteen token.

The 36 World banknote lots feature extensive accumulations from all over the globe.

Attractive Hanna [Lot 493] and Wilson 50 pounds lead the Reserve Bank of New Zealand banknotes. Trading banknotes include one of the three BNZ Ten Pound specimen uniform pairs thought to be held privately and other uniform issues. Errors again feature with a Brash $20 with the Queen’s image shifted downwards and a Bollard $5 without numbers.

Thanks are due to all who have contributed to this catalogue and sale.  We particularly thank our vendors whose strong support continues and our many buyers. Our staff again have pulled out every stop to produce another great auction with the key contributors being Nicola Bowden, Jared Thornton, Maree Malin, Keren Malin, Jan McDonald, Paul Stark and John Mowbray.

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Entries are invited for these auctions now. Please contact David Galt, Director Coins Medals and Banknotes 022 032 1143, 06 364 8270 or